Personal Detail

Type:  Owner
Name of Lender:  salman
Address of Lender:  titwala
Contact of Lender:  9699130866
Fax:  32423432
Website address:
Date of incorporation  2020-11-11
PAN No:  2123123112
Name:  Salman
Designation:  dsfds
Contact:  dfsd

Property Detail

Title Of Asset:  fgdfg
Type Of Asset:  Commercial Land/Inst. Land
Discription Of The Property:  nm
Address Of The Property:  kakinada
Aea Of The Property:  nmb
Market Value Of The Property:  15000000
Weather This Property Was Mortgaged With Anyone :  yes
Any Title Dispute Or Possessio Litigation On The Property:  ghf
When The Property Was Purchsed:  hfgh
Market Value Of The Property:  10Crore<25Crore
The Land Cost And Construction Cost Saperately:  df
If The Property Is Inherited:  dsf
Reasons For Lending The Security For Third Party Use:  
Tenure For Which The Security Is Offered As Mortgage:  dsf
Weather ready to become co borrower / guarantor for the suitable borrower:  yes
Details of Any Loan Payment Default By The Property Owner In Past:  sdf
Weather the property owner has all the original documents required to create a valid mortgage?:  yes
Indicative Expectation From The Borrower Of The Security:  sadasda

Yes, I am interested.