Personal Detail

Type:  Owner
Name of Lender:  dfsd
Address of Lender:  dsfsd
Contact of Lender:  dfsd
Fax:  fsdf
Website address:
Date of incorporation  2020-11-11
PAN No:  sdfsdf
Name:  sdfsd
Designation:  dsfds
Contact:  dfsd

Property Detail

Location And Address Of The Property :  Select Location
Third Party Security Requirement In Value :  Select
Preffred Loacation Of The Property (If There Are Any Restriction On The Location):  sdfsd
Present Credit Facilities In Value:
Fund Based:  sdfsd
Non Fund Based:  sdf
Total:  dsf
Value Of The Security Lying With The Bank For Present Borrowing:  ddsf
Name Of The Bank And Branch Address From Where The Credit Facilities Are Obtained:  sd
Planned Borrowing Programme:  df
Reasons For Requirement Of Security:  d
Tenure For Which The Security Is Required:  fdsf
Latest Credit Rating Along With Name Of The Rating Agency:  dsf
Whether Any Loan Payment Default/ L.C /B.G Invoked In Last 2 Years:  dsf
Whether Any Credit Down Grade Is Done In Rating In Last 2 Years:  sdf
Indicative Offer To the Lender Of The Security:  dsf
Within how many days the deal can be closed after the required security is lodged with the bank ?:  sdf
Whether the sanction is in place or to be obtained?:  sfd
Sector In Which The Organisation Is Operating:  

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