Fees Structure

Value Of Security Free Listing No Listing ,Only Profile Browsing Charges For Premium Listing 12 Months
Charges For Single Profile View (Rs) Borrower Lender
0<50 Lac No Charges 500 5000 6000
50Lac<1Crores No Charges 600 6000 7500
1Crore< 5Crore No Charges 750 7500 10000
5Crore< 10Crore No Charges 1000 10000 12000
10Crore< 25Crore No Charges 1200 12000 15000
25Crore< 50Crore No Charges 1500 15000 20000
50Crore< 100Crore No Charges 2000 20000 25000
100Crore And Above No Charges 2500 25000 30000

Premium Listing Preveliges:

What do we do Free Listing No Listing, Only Profile View Borrower Listing Lenders Listing
We Actively Look for Right Borrower Or Lender For your Listing NO NO YES YES
We Meet and understand your Requirements NO NO YES YES
Try to get best deal out of Listed Profiles and Our Other Clients NO NO YES YES
We help to execute documents and seize terms and conditions NO NO YES YES
We do Due Deligence Of the opposite party NO NO YES YES
We raise finance for the matched alliance NO NO YES YES


Premium Listing Means that the borrower or the lender wants to us to work on finding right borrower or the lender of the security.

our fees for Due Deligence and finance arrangement will be over and above the Listing Fees and depends on the nature and size of the assignement for which a saperate service contract will be entered as agreed beetween clients and us.