Financial Services

Finance for Builders and Developers
  • Project finance for residential and commercial properties
  • Funding against inventories held for sale
  • Escrow finance against receivables of lease and rents
Business Acquisition Funding
  • Acquisition of business, assets or brands within India
  • Foreign Business and Assets Acquisition
Unsecured Funding for Corporate
  • We provide Unsecured funds from 1 crore to 50 crores for exiting profit making companies.
Foreign currency Funding
  • LIBOR+ and FCNR (B) Funding
  • Buyer's credit and foreign assets purchase funding
Film/ serial Funding
  • Pre , production and post production finance for movies and teleserials.
  • Film Project finance.
  • Receivable discounting of teleserial dues.
Auction Finance
  • 60/80% structured finance for acquisition of industrial assets and auction properties.
Bridge Finance
  • 6 months to 2 years bridge finance for corporate having visible future streams of cash inflows or revenues
Finance for sick units
  • Finance for non performing assets / borrowers
  • Finance for one time settlements with banks and financial institutions
  • Restructuring and revival finance
  • Takeover and revival of stressed assets and sick units.
Loan takeovers from Banks
  • Funding the Borrowers who Want to Change the Bank for Better Services and Additional finance
  • Finance for the Borrowers for Reducing the Cost of Borrowings
Consortium gap Funding
  • Tie ups for the Balance gap in the Consortium. For ex, out of 200 Crore Project, a Bank Agrees for 100 Crores Funding and Balance is to be Tied Up.
Import /Export Funding
  • Packing Credit, Factoring, Letter of Credit (LC), Bank Guarantee (BG), and Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Funding for Startups
  • We Arrange Funding for All Types of Startup Ventures and also Invest Ourselves. Manner of Funding Depends upon the Merits of the Case and Business Model.

High ROI Business ideas

Infrastructure Finance
  • Roads, Bridges, Power Project, PPP models
  • BOT and EPC Contracts
  • Equipment Finance
Hospitality Finances
  • Hotels
  • Resorts,
  • Funding for building social Club and Recreation Centers
  • Multiplexs
Agriculture Finance
  • Large Size Crop Finances
  • Corporate Farming
  • Horticulture and Floriculture Projects
  • Plantation Programmes
  • Dairy Farming Projects
  • Equipments Finance
Eduction Sector Finance
  • School, College and Residential Hostel Projects

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