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We bring a golden opportunity for property owners who want to do some business and who have some property but no cash to invest. Property owners sometimes also lack business profile, financial records and seed capital that are needed to start business in initial stages. The property owners can become a partner/ equity holders in the new start ups or existing businesses of their choice and appetite out of hundreds of business owners who seek partners/ investors to start/ expand their business. the property owners will legally become partner/ shareholder after complying relevant laws and will officially enjoy the same control, management and decision making powers like the owners of the business to the extent of their capital (which here is loan /debt borrowed against their property for the business that will be jointly run) contribution to the business and the efforts that they will put to run the business

We shall do due diligence of both the parties i.e. the property owner and the business owner, undertake business valuation, workout alliance formula and draft partnership deed or shareholders agreement and arrange finance for the underlying business.

We also take assignments from a sleeping property owner to manage his share or protect interest in the organization. For ex a salaried person becomes a 50% shareholder in a company that does online selling of products by mortgaging his self occupied residential home for business which needs money but he does not have time to manage the business affairs. We can take up assignments to have regular supervision and control on such business alliances on his behalf..

The advantages of such alliance of business owner and owner of the properties are self explanatory but few are re produced below.

The biggest advantage of this type of alliance is that the finances that are raised through the mortgage of security of the asset owner are managed and controlled jointly by both the parties on day to day basis hence the risk of losing control over the asset or money raised through it are eliminated. The asset owner also gets immediate advantage of the vintage or the goodwill of the existing business that sometimes takes lots of time and financial risks which are already done with.

Following are the basic details required to be filled by the business owners who are willing take property owners as partners / shareholders for contributing their properties for raising loans and by owners of the properties who are willing to become part of the new ventures/ existing businesses by mortgaging their assets for raising funds for the businesses.

Our team shall understand your requirements and shall get back to you soon.

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